Strength and Conditioning Series Introduction

This will be a rolling post for this week. I’ve decided not to post less important stuff (e.g. stretching) because I’m working towards my goals with workouts and other things almost every day now, so if I went into detail about everything, my archives will get cluttered and it would be hard to find old…

New Perspectives

Antigravity Aerials on the 26th. Dance on the 27th. This has been a fun week. My first aerial introductory class was nothing short of amazing. We actually went through a lot of poses with the silks (actually hammocks) but it was somewhat similar. Most importantly, we went into inversions and I had my first experience…

Ballet/Jazz (201115) + future plans

I don’t know if I’m going to make this a regular thing because I don’t have much to¬†describe at the moment. Friday’s class was fun and I was able to follow a lot more as we were practicing on Grade 4 instead of 5 so even the Jazz portion was a little easier to follow….


Hey all, I decided to learn dancing on the 241015 and today (121115), I had my first ballet and jazz class so yay!(: Why Ballet and Jazz? Because it’s fun! And I’m going to learn dance techniques so that I’ll be able to become a better dancer<3 A quick review of today’s class: Wearing leggings….