Hey all, I decided to learn dancing on the 241015 and today (121115), I had my first ballet and jazz class so yay!(:

Why Ballet and Jazz? Because it’s fun! And I’m going to learn dance techniques so that I’ll be able to become a better dancer<3

A quick review of today’s class:

Wearing leggings. Check. Wearing jazz shoes (and dancing in both). Check.

The few minutes before the lesson started was awkward as expected because I’m not really the “jump-in” kind of person, but the teacher and the class were super nice and I felt really welcomed right away. From the introduction by the teacher, followed by being given a space nearer to the center by the students (a girl came over to take the end spot so that I wouldn’t be at the end) so that I could have someone in front of me follow for barre work, as well as making sure that I was never standing at the end during each part of practice. I was really grateful to my fellow students for doing that for me and I feel even more blessed now. Right, I joined an all-girls class and they were all younger than me, which made it even more special.

/feels touched.

The pace of the lesson was pretty fast, and it was okay during the ballet portion, but the jazz choreography was a little too fast for me. I was happy to try my best to follow along as much as I could (as agreed at the start of the class), since the other students had been working on it for a while already. There were parts where the footwork really got too complicated for me and I stepped back for a moment.

Still, I was pretty happy that I was able to go through a lot of different types of dance movements, particularly in ballet. I even had the opportunity to try out a pirouette so I was really happy about that (even though I flailed and failed) and I shall work on it and get it one day(:

I would love to go into detail about what I did but the French words just elude me for now, and my mind’s in a fuzz, so simply put: It was a really great time of learning and I can’t wait for more.

My next lesson is going to be on next Friday, so I’ll update then, and I’m definitely looking forward to class!

PS: Introduction for this blog shall be coming soon!


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