Ballet/Jazz (201115) + future plans

I don’t know if I’m going to make this a regular thing because I don’t have much to describe at the moment.

Friday’s class was fun and I was able to follow a lot more as we were practicing on Grade 4 instead of 5 so even the Jazz portion was a little easier to follow.

Taking classes is one of the best things I’ve done this year.

Moving on, I’ve decided to run away with the circus.


I’ve been thinking about it ever since last Friday/Saturday, and today I’ve decided to make it a goal to reach within the next five years of my life.

I’ve been reading some posts about the circus, including this one,, and feel really inspired to pursue this seriously over the rest of my time in service, as well as the coming year.

I am planning to take my first aerial class this coming Thursday.

Because I’ve decided to pursue this for real, I’ve thought about the kind of training I would need to go through in order to reach my goals, and here are a few things I’ll be adding to my schedule daily as much as I can manage within my shifts, not only for my goals, but for self-improvement in life and all that goodness

1 hour dance practice.

1 hour circus/physical training

1 hour research on dance/circus

1 hour academic studies

family time

The last being the most important.

I’m going to leave it here now, because if I want to make this happen, then I’ll have to start working towards it.

Stay tuned for more updates!

edit: just did a jog and some stretching. starting well!(:


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