New Perspectives

Antigravity Aerials on the 26th. Dance on the 27th.


This has been a fun week.

My first aerial introductory class was nothing short of amazing. We actually went through a lot of poses with the silks (actually hammocks) but it was somewhat similar. Most importantly, we went into inversions and I had my first experience straddling and going into spiderman position with all the blood rush and the good stuff so I really had a lot of fun in that class.

Dance class was with Grade 4 again and this time around I’m actually getting the Ballet choreography into my head. It’s not that bad although my form and technique probably aren’t there yet.

Still no luck with Jazz. The drills are okay though.

Stretching is now a daily thing (might even do it twice) and so is running to keep my heart nice and happy. Might cross-train with swimming if I can find a good location to do so.

I’m also starting with the basic body line drills and progressions (still deciding on which body weight routine to follow) and getting my handstand and pull up progressions in.

Most importantly, I’m learning a lot, meeting new people, and having fun(:




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