Strength and Conditioning Series Introduction

This will be a rolling post for this week.

I’ve decided not to post less important stuff (e.g. stretching) because I’m working towards my goals with workouts and other things almost every day now, so if I went into detail about everything, my archives will get cluttered and it would be hard to find old posts.

That being said, this post is to introduce my Strength and Conditioning programme as of now, which is the recommended bodyweight routine of reddit, found at

I did it for the first time today (301115), with a few variations because I don’t stick to programmes well, but most of the essentials were done. The following paragraph consists of rambling about my first workout.

Did my own warmups, which is an amalgamation of some of the warmups in the programme as well as simple swings to warm up the shoulders and wrists. Bodyline work was done as programmed all up to 60s with exclusion of the arch hold, which I forgot the position I was supposed to do, but ended up doing it anyway randomly, just not for 60s. Skipped the handstand work in skills work because I was at a friend’s place and didn’t want to put my feet on the wall, but I’ll work on that tomorrow or something. Support work is tough. Made it just under 2 minutes but it’s encouraging so I’ll work on that. Strength work was done as programmed. The only difficulty I ran into was the dips which made my sternum feel like it was going to explode, but I made it to 5 and will keep working on that. Other than that, the rest went smoothly.

Working at a heavier bodyweight sucks.

Honestly, if the dips didn’t hurt my chest, the levels that I worked with today were pretty okay, leaning towards the easy side. Which is good, because I was really focusing on getting the form for all of the exercises correct. It’s also encouraging because it means that I can move up a level, probably by next week, and that’s pretty good progress.

If you’re wondering why I’m doing this and what background I have,

a) I’ve done strength training in 2012-2013 with a focus on powerlifting and had tested lifts of 140-72.5-125kg on the squat-bench-deadlift within 9 months of training at a bodyweight of around 72kg. Those weren’t my maxes because I never actually went for a max, but it’s pretty close and it gives a good idea.

b) The reason why I’m doing this bodyweight programme at the moment is to supplement my dance/circus training and to build some strength and skills that will help me progress faster when I take regular classes come March 2016.

As mentioned, this is a rolling post. I will be doing the same workouts, as much as I can to the T depending on the equipment I have to work with, either once or twice in the coming week and I’ll update here so that I won’t flood the post-list.

In short, it was fun.


Flying again on Wednesday. Will post then(:

Edit (2/12/15)

Did this routine again today with a little plus and minuses here and there, but I’ll let the format do the talking.

Warmups: Dancing

Bodyline Work: Sides 45s, rest as per routine.

Skill Work: Handstand Plank 3 mins rest as needed. Parallel holds not done – no eq.

Strength work: Pullup-Chair-Dips done. Squats done explosively (instead of with weight as the first session). L-sit only for one set because my shoulders were taxed (in a good way) from all the holds. Did one set push ups and decided to cut it because I didn’t have eq for rows and to give some relief for my hands and wrists.

Comments: The routine is neither easy nor too hard, but at the moment, my biggest limiting factors are my wrists/shoulders strength/flexibility which affects my holds, but those only get better with time. Surprisingly, I managed to go through the pull ups. I feel like I did enough for today, and am happy that I stopped where I did because it was a healthy limit. I may decide to do this only twice a week, as some users on reddit do.

Also need  factor in my rest days because I’m doing something almost everyday and that wouldn’t be good in the long run.

Good workout though and I’ll be back later with my aerial update!


edit: (061215)

I realized how long this post is. I’m going to change the format for my posts in the future.

Anyway, finally managed to get workout 3 in today.

Only did the Bodyline Work this time round, then went for a swim instead.

Did 4 laps, then 10 underwaters across the short side of the pool, 2×10 push ups into underwaters, then another 6 laps to top up to 10 across the full length.

Really enjoyed how that felt so I’m going to work around these two for now.

I’m going to keep the bodyweight programme’s skill work, including bodyline work as well as progressions for handstands, holds, L-sits, those kind of stuff, but I might play around with the others and mix in a little PJ training on the side.

Will update soon.

Oh, and I’m booking my next aerial for this coming Tuesday(:






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