Uncomfortable is an understatement.

This weeks lessons have brought some discomfort here and there.

Including my happy parts.

The aerial stretch class I attended was actually pretty okay except for the part where I was feeling the stretch in excruciating pain as well as the front hip flexor stretch-flying which hurts my pelvis. Other than that, I learnt how to do some more inversions as well as a pike out 360 which was pretty cool.

Ballet class with the Grade 5s is like stumbling through + observations. I mean, there were parts which I was able to get, but one it went into exam/showcase routines it was “Uh, I’ll just watch.” Not that I minded because I got to observe really good ballet and modern solos yesterday.

Wearing a dance belt though is another story.

Completed my ballet attire yesterday with my ballet shoes (finally) and a dance belt I must say that putting the dance belt on the standard way was uncomfortable. It did get better with time but it still needs some getting used to.

That is all I shall say about that.


Today is Day 3 of conditioning so I’ll update the previous post when I can.




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