Floating Lieghts;

This marks the last chapter of Ballet and Jazz for this year.

The five lessons I’ve attended over the past two months have taught me so much about dance, about myself, and about life. From the numerous French terms thrown at me; leaping, beating, plies, relevés, to trying my best to keep up with the class, to laughing and failing and tights and dance belts, to choreographing Christmas routines today, it has been something special; something beautiful.

I was really happy in class today because we got to do choreography and presentations in groups for both ballet and jazz. It was a less-serious-more-fun practice and I got to interact more with the other students and play around with moves and leaps et cetera. I also had the chance to perform a lift of another student. A first for me.

I love dance.

I love where my life is going now.

Thank you to all of who have been a part of this journey.

See you all next year, and

Merry Christmas(:


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