New Year, New…

Okay, so I finished my 5-class trial with the aerial hammock and decided not to continue with the studio for now for several reasons. The difficulty was definitely there and I struggled with some of the poses, but the main reason I stopped is because the studio has a general focus that lies more towards the therapeutic side of aerials e.g. yoga, and I’m looking for something that will help me train more technical/skill work.

As a result, I have emailed three places, two places for aerial silks, and one for gymnastics and have gotten positive replies so far. So I’m pretty excited/certain that I’ll be starting Aerial Silks classes starting next year and maybe some gymnastics to train other motor skills.

These classes are going to cost me, but I shall find ways to offset that cost by saving a little more money, and working once I’m done with service.

Lastly, I’ve finally settled down on a training programme for now, which is the Bar Brothers Six Months Programme. I’ve just completed the first week, and it has been a good volume of pullups so I’m happy with that. I’m going to cross-train this with various forms of cardio on the rest days, and keep working on the bodyline work from the reddit programme as well.

Well that’s all for that.

I’ll be heading off to Italy tomorrow for the holidays(:

Will update once my class schedules fall in place.

Bye and take care.

Merry Christmas<3


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