Back to School

Three hours of dance classes yesterday and my body is in a wreck now.

Ballet has always been sort of okay, and I’m pretty happy with being able able to follow along despite being a flailing duck. Also, I’m getting a little better at following some parts of Jazz, such as the warm-ups but the more complex stuff is a little more difficult because I’m behind the pace of the class.

I was aching on the way home from all the points and jumps and everything else, but I was kind of happy.

It was fun.

I was a little unhappy about something also (even this morning, when my mind does its favourite “bad moments-reflection”) but I tell myself every day to keep myself grounded and to try my best and things will turn out well.

Everyone had to start from somewhere.

Being there in the class, learning with and from 12-year-olds, and my helpful teacher, was and is a blessing, and I’m thankful for this journey.

In other news, I’m missing out an Aerial Arts class today because I have to work (bummer), but I have an Aerial Silks class on Sunday which I can attend! It’s kind of a trial lesson before I actually start but I’m super excited for that so I will talk about how that goes on Sunday.

Do something good for yourself today. That little thing you’ve always wanted to try. Step up, step out, and give it a go.

With love.


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