Aerial Silks and Lyra


First trial lesson of Aerial Silks and Lyra today and it was so much, so much fun!

Definitely, definitely prefer the silks because they were so much softer, although harder to climb because I think we were using ones with rather high stretch. Learnt how to do a front and back Arabesque (not in full split) but it’s still an experience because I haven’t done that in Ballet much. Haha.

Oh and silk burns are very real.

Despite the pains in my hands and the back of my hamstring, (oh and the near-miss experience involving my gentler parts), the Lyra was pretty fun as well. It’s easier to manipulate because of the lack of stretch, though obviously way harder on the tissues because it’s solid and… yeah.

All in all, had so much fun and signed up for both the silks and the lyra (bye bye money). I was a little apprehensive at first because the set-up at the location wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned (which is sad, because it shows the state of circus arts in this beautiful country), but still, the instructors and class were super nice and I’m confident that I will be able to make lots of progress with them. Another note, Silks are way different than Hammock. I actually prefer the silks (as I did from the start anyways:P)


Created a Training Page, where I shall do more detailed logging. Oh, and I just did 5×4+4+1 pullups yesterday, which is super good progress so I’m happy.

And I still managed to muscle through my class today haha

In other news, I’ve finally decided what I’m going to do for my university applications and am in the midst of settling it. I’m actually getting the feeling like I’m finally bringing everything together as I approach the beautiful date of completion of my service.

And I’m happy. That’s the most important thing.





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