The Joys of Flying

First Aerial Beginner class at SY yesterday and I absolutely loved it (probably more than the one with AP. Shh!)

The teacher was friendly, and I managed to learn so many more poses than what I learnt with AP, although they were all done with a knot in the silks which converted it into a more hammock-ish setup. The class structure was also amazing, with a yoga-ish warm up that had me sweating  before we even started, and a yoga-ish cool down which I really liked. The class size was two, which is totally awesome, and it will be one next week because my classmate can’t make it.

I’m really excited to learn more with SY! The location may be a little far, but I’m having so much fun learning there.

Training for Today!


Perceived Strength: 70%, 5 mins rest between sets

Set 1:

Low L-Sit Pull Ups 5

Push Ups 8

Set 2:

Low L-Sit Pull Ups 5

Russian Push Ups 8

Set 3:

Low L-Sit Pull Ups 5

Wide Push Ups 8

+2 mins rest

Set 4:

Low L-Sit Pull Ups 5

Diamond Push Ups 8

+2 mins rest

Set 5:

Low L-Sit Pull Ups 3


Definitely harder than it should have been because of my aerial silks class yesterday which completely burnt my pulling strength out. Wanted a complete 5×5 set, but I guess I’m happy with what I got for today. Cleaned up the form a little and getting into that Low L-Sit position is definitely an improvement. Also, I’ve managed to get a nice video set-up with my phone for personal recording purposes to check my form, which is a plus too.


Work on Pages has begun, keep and eye out for that;

Beginner Silks starts Tuesday 1845;

Beginner Lyra starts Wednesday 2045;

Both will be on my schedule page;

Signed up for a CrossFit Fundemental at a Box opposite my house on the 13th of February

Attended my Dance Schools Showcase yesterday(: It was awesome. Love them lots.


Off to update my other pages now~



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