Beginner Silks & Lyra (AP)

Week One

Silks (190116)

Warm ups SUCK.

Especially today because for some reason or another it was hot at like 6.45pm.

Anyways, moved quickly into the lesson with a refresher on our hooks and front/back arabesques from the introduction trial. After that, we went on into our Chinese climbs on both feet, which is a little like low-rope, except that silks are way more stretchy and the technique is different. I managed to muscle my way up on my right side, but didn’t make it on my left side. I think the reason why it’s difficult is due to my lack of hip flexibility, rather than pulling strength, because I went in today with close to 100%, so I shall work on both more and get that soon(: Oh, also learnt how to kick off the silk to let myself down.

Fun fun fun!

Lyra (200126)

Warm ups SUCK.

I liked the timing of the class today (8.45pm). The ambiance was nice and it would be perfect if not for the location being far from home. But still, the journey is worth it.

Actually made quick progress on the Lyra, which I had initially thought I would completely suck at because of this particular pose which places the hoop a little too close for comfort (as mentioned in previous post), but I managed to pull it off and get it right! Also learnt a new pose on top of the ones I had tried in the trial class. It was kind of a refresher, similar to Silks #1, and I thought it was good.

My flexibility still sucks though, and it’s my biggest limiting factor now, followed by pulling strength. But I get the feeling the latter will come way faster than the former will.

Still, I’m working on it every day(:

I shall end this post here, and create a separate post for my SY class on Saturday(: It has been fun and my body deserves some good rest.

One thing I wanted to share however is that whenever you start something new, you will face challenges of all sorts: physical, mental, commitments, discouragements. It is part of the learning process and inevitable in life, and it’s important that we humble ourselves and push through these obstacles with an open heart. It is okay to fail. It is okay to suck at something. It is okay to take your time. The ones who make it out at the other end of the tunnel are the ones who never give up.

So if you’ve always wanted to try something but feel apprehensive about it, ask yourself why. Are you afraid to fail? That you’ll look bad? That people will laugh at you? Then look deeper and learn that none of this matters. The most important thing is that you are happy, that you are doing this for yourself, and you are learning and growing and smiling and having fun, and taking a step closer to your goals. That’s what matters.

And for those who have made it to a certain point in a particular discipline, I urge you to push yourselves even further, but always stay humble, and help others along their way. To me, imparting skills and knowledge I’ve acquired to others is a really meaningful task and my hope is to become a circus instructor one day. Be kind to others, and create good in this world.

Be kind to yourselves. And be kind to others.



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