Beating Heart

Beats are hell on my feet.

A good kind though.

Second day of 3 hours of practice after a week’s break because I had to re-adjust my leave. Sad face about that but I made it to class today! And that’s what matters.

Ballet is getting more and more lovely. I’m feeling a lot more comfortable then when I started out and I feel like it suits me well, so I’m having fun(:

Turns and Leaps was a disaster! Haha, it wasn’t that bad, but the school principal came in to observe us and I felt a little pressured and maybe I just suck but I ended up sucking really badly. My turns are… not where I want them to be yet. Kicks were really good though. I think they’re my best component of the class.



I’m actually getting better at the Warm-Ups and certain components of the graded choreography. And at the same time, I still fail to grasp some others.

I have to work harder.

Recital is coming up! And I can be a part of it!

Ahh I’m actually really excited. I couldn’t make the showcase:( although I did show up to watch it(: but now that the recital is in April, I might actually manage to make it then^^

More about that as the weeks progress.

All in all, feeling sore and happy, as a good day’s work should be. Had a driving lesson earlier too, and that was fun.

SY Aerials tomorrow so I’ll be back then. Will also try to get some uni prep in tomorrow.

Take care and bye!



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