It’s been a while since this kind of posts.

I’m doing a little restructuring of my training program (again…)

Running the 50 Pullups progression and I’m really going to stick to that from now on, the link to the program is here (www.50pullups.com) if anyone is interested. I’m starting, actually have just done Day 1, of the 9-11 page. My current progress is on my Milestones page, so check that out if you have any inkling of interest of where I am, and where I’m heading to.

Also in the program, I’m currently training towards my first one-arm pushup. I’m currently on 8x archer pushups (both sides) and a little better on my left than my right. (Which is weird) I also am doing my statics, although I’ve dropped off the bodyline work for a while now. My handstand timing (against the wall) has increased dramatically though and I finally found “parallettes” for L-sit progressions so yay. I’ll probably bring back the bodyline work.

I’ll update this post/make a new post about my trip to UK, as well as anything else that comes to mind.

Also, have something exciting that’s in the planning stage. So… :X



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