Ballet Lifts

Happy to finally return to dance class today, and in the new studio no less(:

Worked on recital and graded stuff today. I missed last week’s practice, but I managed to learn most of what was covered through the video that was sent.

Going to performing two lifts (arabesque and hip) in the recital piece and I’m happy that I was able to perform it pretty okay. First time doing a hip lift and it was awkward the first time but became alright after. Also lifted my dance teacher.

Hopefully, I’ll get better at lifts with practice.¬†Partner work is different and fun and I can see it carrying over to my Circus practice in the future.

I’m waiting on my Medicine result, but if all goes well, or not, I may buy and rig an aerial lyra in my home. I’m planning to self-learn lyra (and silk in the future) through books because I’ve missed so many classes and I don’t really find the classes to progress at a likable pace as well. But nothing’s confirmed yet.

Anyway, happy with today’s class, and I have two things on tomorrow which is my Crossfit Fundementals class, and Aerials class. Will update after!(:


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