Hamster 01

Welcome to the third week of February.

I’ve finally decided to stick to a program, one that has far enough goals for me to reach, and enough cool things to keep me interested. You can find it here: http://antranik.org/bodyweight-training/

I’ve been mucking around on my training a lot, and so I shall officially deem today as Day One of serious training. Also known as Seungwan the Hamster day.

I did a few pull ups yesterday so today is supposed to be a rest day, but I didn’t really do much other than the pull ups so I decided to test a couple static drills to see where I was and how would I proceed. Also, I might split up the drills from actual workout in the future, but we’ll see how that goes.

Rx’d: Plank. Reverse Plank. Side Planks. Bird Dog. Hollow Hold. Reverse Hollow Hold.

Planned drills for the future: RKC Plank. Bird Dog Plank. Hollow Hold Rocks. Reverse Hollow Hold Rocks. (I didn’t attempt them because I wanted to leave the harder variations for another day)

I did a couple of arm swings etc. to warm up before, and also attempted a little L-sit practice and Handstand practice, as well as fail a couple of planche leans.

Anyway, it was useful to get that gauge today, because now I know what to focus on for my drills and skill work. Shall be attempting the rest of the harder drills tomorrow along with some pushing and pulling work to complete my assessment for my training regimen.

Oh, and the Crossfit Fundementals was fun. First time practicing lifts with a bamboo pole, and we went through a lot of the lifts. I’ve made payment so I shall be starting classes and open gym practice by next week.

Be back with more fun stuff soon.


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