Had a fun Lyra class today, revised previous stuff and learnt back balance which is pretty cool. Also managed to take my hands off the Lyra for the first back balance pose (yay!) and finally hock’s hang with no hands either (double yay!)

My classmate (pauses to note that there are only 3 people in my class, including me, [one returned to Australia]) asked me why did I pick up aerial arts today out of curiosity and it kind of caught me off guard for a moment. At that moment, everything kind of just rushed to mind and I realized how unsure I was about where I am heading at this point in my life, particularly because I’m days away from receiving my uni application results. A yes or no would change everything, and a yes would multiply my crossroads even more than a no, which is ironic. Anyway, I explained my situation and how I started to her in brief and she told me something which was really nice, “I’ve seen people who have started at a late age also…you can still do it even if you go to uk… [something like that]” (because she’s a contemporary dancer and all) and that was kind of heartening for me. I hope I didn’t put her off with how confused I was with my answer:X Three more lessons to go with my fellow classmates anyway and I hope we’ll become good friends(:

Here’s to the uncertainties in life, a toast, and may I find clarity soon. Till then, I hope I’ll find more light and meet more nice people.

PS: My teacher’s really nice. And good.


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