Hamster 02 (or the actual 01)

If you have read this, you would know that I started my Hamster series about a week plus back. And then, WISDOM TEETH EXTRACTION!!!! X.X

Anyway, I’m back and even more determined to work hard after a ton of internet articles and thinking.

Here is what I did today! Sorry if I sound a little high. I’m not. Promise.


I tried my best to stick with the program with the equipment I had, although I had to rest in between the holds because 3.5 minutes is insane now that I’ve tried it. It will be pretty cool once I get to the weighted stage. Anyway, I need that bouncy ball because superman and bridging from the floor is not fun. At all. I couldn’t do the bridging because the position was so bad, so I’ll leave that till next time.

AFTER that, I tried (emphasis on “tried”) to do the Push Up Series. For some reason, my body wasn’t ready for that. Blame it on the absolute core trashing, or the two healing wounds in my mouth, but I cut it after the first knee-elbow touch. Skipped the balancing because I (forgot), and then went to the crunches which I did as prescribed.

All in all, it was fun. Especially the holds. It’s hard, but it’s also kind of rewarding in a way. I guess it’s more kinesiologically pleasing, or maybe it’s just cause it’s cirque and it makes me feel good. Either way, I’m going to be incorporating this into my routine, along with the Antranik one, and maybe by Hamster 10 I’ll finally have a set routine out.

Or earlier.

Anyway, I’m going back to work tomorrow (last three days!) and I’ll be having hoop at night(:

Have fun bye!

edit: I’m starting a more consistent stretching routine now (a.k.a. every day) and I’ve started yesterday, or two days ago, but let’s just set it as today:P



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