I am a bad student


Worked on transitions of the moves we’ve learnt on Lyra today.

Plus points are that I have really learnt a lot of poses as compared to when I first started this. And I’m having lots of fun doing so.

Minus points are that I’m still not strong or flexible enough to do some transitions well. I really need to work on my pike through because my feet keep getting stuck. Conditioning today was killer and it’s not because I did that core-train-wreck yesterday. I simply wasn’t strong enough so:(

Also went “look, no-hands” on a pose and on my seating which I shouldn’t have done although my teacher takes it in jest. And I skinned the cat from a bird’s nest when I should have gone back to hock’s hang.

And my teacher said I was a bad student.


Okay, it was all in a joking manner. But still, I need to be better. I need to train harder and get better.

Anyway, thankful for all of this. Thankful for my teacher who is super friendly and helpful and knowledgeable.

Let’s do better next time.


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