I am a bad student (part. 2)

As lovely as this title is, I need to stop having to write posts like this.

I dropped my partner today.

Well, semi-dropped. It was probably less than 10cm from the ground, but she fell back a little and I manage to catch her.

I was trying to lift her from her hips but somehow I couldn’t get the lift right and it ended up falling through.

And yes, after two weeks off, I’m finally back to Ballet/Jazz lessons(: I missed them a lot.

Feeling a little down because I’m unsure if the choreography will work, and dropping partners is a big no-no, but I’ll see how I can improve. [I apologized like mad after:(]

Maybe I’ll request for a change of choreography or it’ll get changed anyway.

The plan for now is to stick to it for a couple of weeks and work on it and change if it really doesn’t work.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to pull it off:/

Anyways, love being back in class anyway. It’s lovely and fun.

PS: Body is still aching from Wednesday.




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