Stubborn af

If you haven’t read what I posted this morning, you can read it here.

Opened this new phase of life with Crossfit 16.2 this morning. My first WOD, ever, and I did it scaled but it was pretty good. Didn’t make it past the first round because the time cap is just insane, but I made about 8/9 (I can’t remember) full cleans with 45kg which is a PR (whoo) and I’m pretty happy about that.

Comments on the experience itself: It was pretty fun, although the volume is really low actual training. The atmosphere was okay, managed to fit my awkward butt in despite not knowing anyone and a couple of people where quite friendly to me. Waking up at 4.45am with about 5 hours of sleep though… nope. I don’t think I’ll be pulling this morning thing again any time soon. I will have to train a little more today to make today an actual training day, which brings me to the plan for my training in the future.

I will be putting in 3 hours in a day, EVERY DAY, working on skills, strength, flexibility, stamina, you name it. I’ll do it. I’ve always been bad at programming but I will pull something together by today and stick to it.

*many hours later*

Crushed a 6×4 Pullups Set today +2 +2 (12-1:22 mins) with my only warm up being a few arm swings and a lot of room cleaning. Did these shoulder-width (I normally go wider), and it’s good progress seeing how I have ZERO idea of how I plan these except that I just go a little more every week.

*realizes how many hours as passed since this morning:O

I also realized that 3 hours is just a number. I guess in the midst of this world of numbers we put things into equations like “If I put in this amount of time, I will get this.” Which is true, but not always true. Today’s WOD took 4 mins. Pull Ups about 12, and I’ll try to put in about an hour of stretching later, which makes it about 1.5 hours of work today.

And that is okay. As long as I’m working towards my goals, I’m happy with that. Also, I told myself that I was going to clean my room today and I did it. Which is an accomplishment because I’m training the discipline required to get better. I’m trying to do something for myself (and for others if applicable) every day and that brings so much more fun and meaning to this life thing.

Lastly, I want to talk about being stubborn af. I would talk about this in another post in more depth but I just wanted to say that life hits with so many obstacles and the some times we adapt and change for the better, in others, we just keep our ground and refuse to give up.

Be stubborn af, and fight for your dreams.



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