Moving along

I was told my kicks were perfect in technique class yesterday. Talk about a miracle happening. I sucked at everything else anyway so it balances out. Finally settled the choreography for the recital, a.k.a. no lift, but I’m still happy to be a part of it and it looks like it’s going to turn out well.

No-plus goes to this tightness in my right calf that’s bugging me.

Went into Aerial Beginner Class from scratch this morning and it went really well. Probably cause I was late to warm-ups (I hate warm-ups). Went through some things I had already learnt and I focused on getting better body alignment and it went well.

Crushed 6×7+3 pull-ups just now with an increased rest time of 4 mins between sets and I’m quite happy with that. I’m almost finished with this “testing week” of sorts to see how everything fits into my schedule and will be out with a training plan next week. (I promise I will stop delaying.) But 6×7 is really good though. I won’t be increasing rest any more than 4 because it would be counter-productive and what I will be working on for pull ups now is the quality of reps and certain variations. The other goal which I will be working towards is my 10×10 pull-up and weighted with the same increasing scheme as before, starting from 3×5. So that will be two days: volume and weighted. Will play a little more on the weighted days with variations until I hit my 10×10 then I’ll swap the variations to volume day.

Also planning on setting up a Mediocre Features of Strength IG account or something like that for a progress log.

Cycling tomorrow!



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