Off Days

I realized that I have created so many Categories for my posts, but never made one for Off Days. Or what I would call, fun/life days. But if I chose the latter, a lot of classes would fall into that category as well. Maybe some time soon, yeah?

Sunday was an Off Day. A real one. Went to Pulau Ubin with some friends to cycle and it was fun. I think we hit all the routes in the crazy hot weather (which was supposed to be thunderstorms) so that was good.

Didn’t know if my body was ready to get smashed today so I didn’t plan much, but ended up going for an open box and trying 16.3 as well. Completely, and I mean completely, crushed my plan for today. 90kgx2 + 80kgx3x8. If I were to use an RPE scale, that was probably a 6 at most, and I kept to the time cap as well.

Did 16.3 and clocked a total of 10 snatches and 0 muscle ups. ZERO. (sad face)

Keeping that stretch routine consistent now. Every day is the way to go.

Working on that programme, and something else:X


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