Been waiting for this for a long time but… WE’RE FINALLY DONE!!!!

Has it been 8 weeks already? Has it?

I’m so happy that I’ve made it through these 8 weeks, save the few I missed, not because of the title but because it means that I’ve finally learnt the beginner syllabus from start to finish and am making good progress. Went through all the poses we had learnt, with a little emphasis on transitions and even touched a little top of the hoop hang, an introduction to intermediate moves.

Lyra is yummy.

Also asked my teacher about the silks classes and she told me to just hop in so SILKS IS ON starting next tuesday!!

So much happy things today!

Quick updates: Attempted my 7×7 Pull Ups this morning and failed in the middle of the 5th set although I did manage to finish the set, the movement wasn’t up to my standards. Saw this happen last week with 6×6 and I crushed it the next attempt so I’m going to try again on Saturday. Also clocked my first 10 click yesterday so check my PRs page for that.

Speaking of which, I need to reorganize my headers.

Okay, see you soon. Bye!


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