Went into Turns class yesterday a little more moody than usual, but it ended up being pretty fun, followed by a fun Ballet/Jazz class as well to end off the term. Next term is recital and other stuff so it’ll be fun. The fees that are dropping on me in this month though… I need to find a job soon. More significantly, my ankles felt wrecked after dance class and they only got a little better this morning.

Crossfit 16.4 at 8am. Made it through 55 deadlifts @ 102kg and 3 Wall Balls @ 9kg in 13 minutes when my current deadlift training max is 100kg so I’m pretty astonished by that. It got really ugly to the end, but I made three new friends at the box and it was a pretty great environment this morning. The new coach is really friendly. Probably not going to deadlift for the next month or so and try my best to throw food at my body over the next couple days. I’m planning to get back in on Monday and keep a consistent routine from now on if my body recovers by then.

16.4 straight into Aerial Beginner class two hours later. The highlight of the class was a semi-inversion which was pretty fun. I was surprised I managed to arch that far back and how my grip didn’t give way after those deadlifts. I attribute that arch strength to hoop class(: We did go into a star after that but the fabric was like damp so that didn’t help my grip at all and I only got like halfway up:p Next time then.

Need to write a couple emails now for a job as well as silk enquiry, but it looks like it’s going to be a good weekend. Now that it’s already 2.40pm, I shall try my best not to nap and fix my sleep cycle once and for all. Cheers.



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