I’m Amazing at Crossfit

Credit to megsquats for the title of this post.

I pulled my back on saturday attempted 16.4. It was one of the stupidest decisions I have ever made and an important lesson that I have learnt. Almost a week later, and here I am, about 60% done with recovery. My flexibility has gone to the negatives because my lower back tightens up when I try to stretch. I couldn’t even touch the floor a few days back. Just came back from a run, and I’m feeling a little better today so I think it’s healing slowly. Anyway, the important point is that I’ll be more careful in the future, and I shall work hard in my rehabilitation process. Thank goodness my dance classes are on term break.

The past two days have been aerial lessons, starting with the first lesson of silk (which I’m so happy to have registered for in time), followed by the first lesson of intermediate hoop. We learnt elbow hangs in hoop and a variation of angel and I managed to straddle back up from elbow hang so that was fun, but I wished we could have learnt more in the time we had. It may or may not be due to the fact that we combined with the new beginner class but I really enjoy my hoop class so I have no gripes. It’s really humid these couple days though, so the sweat game is a little annoying but I’ll learn to deal with it. Kind of have this lacklustre feeling about these weeks lessons so I hope Saturday will be fun.

Went for a run today despite my back because I needed to get a little active in hopes that it’ll help my back and it went pretty well. Cut a little off my 5km timing but wasn’t able to complete 15km as planned because my body was just tight and my energy levels were low. Still happy with the 5k PR and I shall work slowly back to 100%

See you all Saturday.



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