I’ve finally caught up to the latest episode of The100. I love all the beautiful characters, especially clexa, and like many others are disappointed with the direction the show is heading. I used to watch The Vampire Diaries and that was a mess after season four as well. I’ve decided to name my training programme after Leksa kom Triku, because who else embodies strength and grace like she does?

If you remember, I did try to start something called Hamster a few months back. That failed miserably. Out of the many reasons why, the most important one was that I didn’t commit fully to it. I’m pretty sure I attempted to have a programme before Hamster and failed at doing so as well. Leksa will not be the same. I realize I have waffled enough time playing around, and this will be the programme I will stick to.

I have complied a growing list of strength skills I am currently working on in an excel sheet, each with different stages of progression. Over the past week, I have tested myself in the different disciplines and ticked off a number of them, and hopefully will be able to increase my number of skills of the next few months.

The list currently is as follows:

For reps of 8 to next progression: Normal/Russian/Wide/Diamond/Archer/Beast Pushups, Normal Dips, Overhead Press (40kg), Chin Ups, Close/Normal/Wide/Ring Pull Ups, Chin/Pull Ups in Tuck.

For reps of 1: Clean & Jerk (60kg), Deadlifts (105kg)

For 1 min hold: Plank, Dolphin/Side/Reverse Plank, Bird Dog, Hollow Hold, Arch Hold. Supported L-Sit. Tuck L-sit (30s), Parallel Bar Support, Dead Hang.

In addition to that, I have accumulated a few more miles of running.

The list is non-exhaustive, and I have not attempted some skills so I will probably add more as of next week. I will provide a more comprehensive update on the programming once next week passes, but I’m essentially working on skills progressively, with a focus on calisthenics and olympic weightlifting.

My aerial classes are going well. Learnt a roll in lyra and that was fun. A little bummed out by my silk class because there’s too many people and practice time is thus shorter. But my Saturday class is at 4 lessons now and I was able to attend all of them so that’s a plus. Also will be trying trapeze next Saturday(:

I will be switching gears as of next week. It’s April already and I am nowhere close to where I want to be at this stage. I shall work harder.

That’s all for this week’s weekly update. Might do it in this format from now on.

Or not.

Take care.




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