Post #2 in this Lexa series.


On the Greens: Tuck L-Sit, Overhead Press (52kgx1) LCTBPU, L-Sit Chin Ups, Front Squat (70kgx5,75kgx1), Back Squat (70kgx5), Pseudo Planche Pushups.

Flying: Roll Up on Silks (killer, I repeat, killer on the forearms), Russian Climb, Reverse Bird’s Nest and Roll into Walking Man on Lyra, Trapeze Hangs and Poses.

Dance: Final Recital rush starts this Friday! I should start practicing! O.O AHHHHHH

Plans for Next Week(‘s Post)

Targets to hit by next week are… L-Sit Pull Ups, Wide Rings Pull Ups, some progression on the full L-Sit, planche push up work, Handstand (not) facing the wall, Front&Back Squat 80kgx1. Higher Chest to Bar Pull Ups, False Grip Hang, 30min 5k run (probably not happening anytime soon)

I’m still working on my bucket list page but it should be out soon (never).

I’ll end this off here. Will be back with another post this week to talk about other stuff if I don’t get lazy.





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