It is actually more than a week since I’ve last posted because I’m a lazy bum.

I’m absolutely sucking at silks now, and my lyra classes are moving really slow so I’m a little bummed. I have found an aerial teacher to teach me private lessons so I might quit the school I’m currently at and switch.

Dance lessons have been going well (I mean, the usual sucking still applies) but I’ve been feeling really happy in class for the past two weeks. I made the decision to pull out of Grade 4 after this term and move to Lyrical for adults, which I’m a little sad about because I’ll miss this class. But, my original classmates are going to progress to Grade 5 soon and I’ll never really fit in with the class (now that it’s much bigger as well) with such a big age difference. So bottom line, I’m pretty sure that this move will be for the better, but I’ll miss it. I’ll miss my teacher too. I hope she takes my Lyrical class. I might still stick with the technique class on the other hand, (although I really, really suck it that), but it’s fun and it’ll carry over well to my aerials. Hmmm…

Recital is exactly next week! We’re doing two performances and everything has fallen into place really nicely. I’m excited for it but I must mention tight in an understatement for my ballet costume. Literally. Tights. Will be my first and last performance with this class. I hope it’ll be a great success and lots of fun. Also, I think I was automatically volunteered to help out because they need people.

Training has taken a backseat for now because I’m prioritizing this recital and I cannot deal with another pulled back. *there goes my box membership money flying* Will kick everything back into higher gear start of March. The highlights of training for this past week plus is my 60 pull ups in a day (could have gone for 100. see: recital), L-Sit Progression to 2x30s supported, Handstand Progression to full 60s stomach to wall, and a ONE ARM STRADDLE PUSHUP! (yay!) On my left hand though, cause I’m experiencing some pain in my right elbow probably from hanging off the lyra with my current unbelievably heavy bodyweight.

That’s all for the update.

I’ll update next week with recital reflections(:



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