To New Experiences: Recital

It’s amazing how I ended up on this final letter with everything that’s happened this week.


I had a lot of fun even with the nerves. The lights were bright so the audience was kinda dark from the stage but I could still see them. Ballet went really well and we managed to end in the right position for both shows. We also got applauded for the lift in the ballet dance! (in both shows)! It was amazing and surprising and made the experience even better. I’m sort of quietly happy about that? Haha. For Jazz, I left everything out there firstly because I was actually having fun, and secondly because I realized the stage was way bigger than the practice room and I was right smack open in the middle and I couldn’t hide. So I smiled even wider and gave the most of my energy and hopefully it showed. It was a long day, but it was worth it because we made it a really great show. I’m still considering if I should post photos because I don’t have solo shots per se, so I’m considering if I want to post group pictures cause there’s other people’s privacy and stuff. You’ll know if I’ve decided if this post becomes super colorful. Can’t wait for the DVD to come out! Oh, and another highlight of the day is pulling my teacher out onto the stage during the practice finale by the headphones because… I suck. I’m sorry:( Didn’t repeat that during the actual show though:P And we got flowers from the school after the last show. A purple rose for me and a really happy day and memorable experience.

I feel so grateful to my teachers for their kindness, and for teaching me to dance before I could fly. I can’t describe how thankful I am for them and I promise to work even harder from this point on.

Thank you<3





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