i’ve been struggling with some anxiety and depression symptoms for the past few weeks, hence i haven’t been able to post as regularly as i used to. it’s a first time experience for me and it sucks and i’m learning how to deal with it even now. so, this will be a quick update on my life and what i have done in the past month or so.

i’m making progress in aerial, getting stronger in silk with my hip key and a new split pose. pulling strength/endurance has definitely gotten better as well. just came back from my first intermediate hoop lesson, which was really good. finally had the chance to try a clock split and i managed to do it decently on my right side. i actually enjoyed this lesson a lot as compared to the previous few weeks and had the chance to talk to my teacher more as there were only two of us (students) who showed up today.

i would attribute a little of my silk strength to the armstrong pull up program, which I started last week. finally getting back into a program, i know. maxed at 11 last monday, made it to 13 today and more reps overall so i’ve already made progress over the week. i’m excited to ride this through the next 4 weeks or so. definitely wasn’t a good idea maxing out today because it definitely affected my strength in hoop class.

as a result, i’m now the proud owner of a torn callus on my pinky. bummer.

lastly, i finally went back to dance class last friday. i haven’t been going because as i said, i’ve been too busy dealing with anxiety. it was okay and my teachers were really kind about it as always. more than what i deserve. i think i’m finally getting a hold of split runs! also decided to take my classes a little more seriously. i haven’t been doing my best and i should and i will from now on. only six weeks left and i don’t know if i’m going to continue:( i’m definitely dropping turns but ballet just holds a special place in my heart and makes the decision so hardd:'(

that’s all for now, i have a new tumblr as well @ letsnotgetcrazyalright

be well. see you soon.


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