as always, I know this has been forever. I’m a little more active on tumblr now, which you can find the link of in my last post, but I’ll still be here once in a while with more solid life updates.

first. best performance in dance classes yesterday all round. finally. finally got my scissor kicks and even did them really well. chaines are getting so much better and my spotting is still not there but it’s improving. also getting better at all of the grade 4 exercises so yay! last two, maybe three, dance classes for the term… and maybe in grade 4 so 😦 but I’m making the most out of them and having a lot of fun. love my class and my teachers and everything I’ve learnt so far.  love, love dance.

moving through intermediate hoop, consolidating moves mainly, but it’s been going well and I’ve been working hard on making everything a little prettier. Front balance hurts my hips madly once i remove my hands and try to balance though. Silks is good too. My endurance definitely is increasing with all the outside pulling work I’ve been putting into my schedule. it’s definitely going to be a long journey compared to hoop but I’ll keep pushing.

highlight of the week. gymnastics strength training. or bodyweight training. I’ve decided to use GST to complement my circus training (FINALLY. I CHOSE A PROGRAM AND AM STICKING TO IT) and I’ve made decent progress so far. Two weeks in now, and almost done with the basic levels. I pushed a little hard about a week back and suffered a mild nag in the elbow so I’ve been auto-regulating a little and that has been helpful. Nevertheless, I’m still running a testing/deload phase for another week so that I can find out where I really stand in terms of progressions (been testing for about two weeks now). Once I have a good assessment, I’ll proceed with a more structured  weekly schedule.

I also have some goals in mind that I would like to achieve in four years, but I’m setting them in two years for now because it’s possible within that time frame, and I want to push myself towards them.

In order of difficulty (as far as I can tell):

Front Lever

Back Lever

L-Sit on Rings

One Arm HandStand

Handstand on Rings


Iron Cross

Inverted Cross


Floor Swallow

Some other skills I’m interested in are tumbling, especially press handstand (all variations) to rolls and backwards rolls to handstand. I’m thinking of focusing on floor and ring work because these are the two disciplines I’m most interested in. Also am working to perfect the skills so I can perform them in a circus school audition video.

Also have been working on my flexibility every day. best part of my days.

that’s all for now, will keep this updated.

much love.



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